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Wismine D'Avilar


Wismine D'Avilar is a phenomenal multifaceted woman who has an unyielding drive and ambition to make a positive difference in her community. Wismine has a plethora of experience working with school-aged children and women of all ages. She held the distinguished title of “Dean of Students” while attached to Oak Harbor Intermediate school. She orchestrates group sessions that would help build their self-esteem and embrace who they are. Wismine utilized her ministerial experience to reach out to women of all ages and assist them in tapping into their inner beauty through the Word of God. Wismine strongly believes that when a woman has confidence in herself, it spreads to other areas in her life. She embodies this in her own life. She currently holds a Minister Certification, Pastoral Counseling Certification, a double Master's in Healthcare Administration, and Business Administration. She is certified in teaching and coding and is the owner of the H&M Healthcare Management Group. Wismine is the epitome of enthusiasm, professionalism, and she strives to empower women and give them the necessary tools to build self-confidence. Wismine has been a devoted wife to her wonderful husband for 11 years and she has two beautiful children. She enjoys family, watch movies, praise dance, and do family picnics.

Wismine D'Avilar, CEO: Meet the Team
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