Meet Our Team

Bringing the Heels & Confidence Vision to Life


Wismine D'Avilar


Wismine D'Avilar is a phenomenal multifaceted woman who has an unyielding drive and ambition to make a positive difference in her community. Wismine has a plethora of experience working with school-aged children and women of all ages. She held the distinguished title of “Dean of Students” while attached to Oak Harbor Intermediate school. She orchestrate group sessions that would help build their self-esteem and embrace who they are. Wismine utilized her ministerial experience to reach out to women of all ages and assist them in tapping into their inner beauty through the Word of God. Wismine strongly believes that when a woman has confidence in herself, it spreads to other areas in her life. She embodies this in her own life. She currently holds a Minister Certification, a double Master's in Healthcare Administration, and Business Administration. She is certified in teaching and coding and is the owner of the H&M Healthcare Management Group. Wismine is the epitome of enthusiasm, professionalism, and she strives to empower women and give them the necessary tools to build self-confidence. Wismine has been a devoted wife to her wonderful husband for 9 years and she has two beautiful children. She enjoys family, watch movies, praise dance, and do family picnics.

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Nicole Rice

Vice President

Nicole Rice has been with us since our founding, and is one of our veteran team members. She is a Registered Nurse, who specializes in caring for patients with dementia and other chronic conditions. She brings years of administrative and clinical skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed. Nicole is currently pursuing her Master's in Nursing with an emphasis in Clinical Systems Leadership from the University of Arizona, and is a proud UW Bothell alumnus. Nicole also holds a Minister Certification, and has worked in various departments within the ministry as a Sunday School Teacher for youth, events organizer,  choir member and praise dancer.  She is a loyal wife who enjoys family time, loving on her beautiful dogs, reading, and sharing the gospel with others. Although she prefers to take on a more behind-the-scenes role, Nicole is excited to share her testimonies and experiences with the women of Heels & Confidence.

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Victoria Blake


Victoria is a Licensed Practical Nurse and graduate of Pensacola State College. She is a devoted wife and mother of four beautiful girls. She is very friendly and loves to encourage people. Her family decided to move to Maine recently to travel more and experience all that God will allow them too! Before residing in her current state of Maine, she was a faithful member of Liberty Church in Pensacola, Fl. She served six amazing years in Children’s ministry with the little people. If she were not still pursuing a higher education in Nursing, she would be a Teacher! Victoria loves to see women feel empowered, confident, and elevate to their highest capacity! She is super excited to see what God will do for these wonder Women of God! Victoria joined Heels & Confidence with the vision and drive to improve upon our Women Empowerment Non-Profit Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.

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Karen Vojtecky


Karen Vojtecky is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who spent the first fifteen years of her career providing therapy to children, teens, and adults. During the next twenty years, she worked in administrative clinical positions for the Department of Defense in Bahrain, Germany, and Japan. Now that she is retired, she spends most of her time at dance fitness classes on Whidbey Island. She has been married to a wonderful man for 39 years and she will be thrilled when her granddaughter and great-granddaughter are “Heels & Confidence” graduates. Karen is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to have her on our team.


Hubert D'Avilar

Director of Operations

Hubert has been with us since our founding. He shares the same vision and drive to improve Heels & Confidence Non-Profit Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity. Hubert has a prolific amount of experience when it comes to overseeing business operations and ministering. He has a strong military background where he exude these experiences. Hubert is currently attending Regent University where is majors in Theological Studies. He has a Minister Certification where he faithful utilizes his God-given gift by preaching the word. He's a faithful husband to his lovely wife of 9 years and has two beautiful children. Hubert enjoys reading the word of God, empowering people, and sharing the gospel with others.