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Our Program

Heels & Confidence was founded on the vision that every woman regardless of age and background can be confident and stand firmly on God’s Word to overcome any obstacle. In order to accomplish this, we have created a 9-week course that covers various areas that women generally struggle with and scriptures that will aid them in overcoming these struggles. The course will culminate in a final runway show, where the girls and women will be able to demonstrate what they’ve learned. We aim to make the subjects and information age-appropriate, and have divided our course offerings by age and educational level. Each week, members will participate in activities and Confidence Challenges that help increase participants' spiritual and physical confidence. All participants will receive a free Heels & Confidence T-Shirt and journal. Additional merchandise will be available for purchase.

The Sandies

The Sandies group is geared towards girls in elementary school. The name Sandies is actually inspired by sandals, which are often worn by young girls, as heels are not yet appropriate. This group will focus on teaching the young girls confidence, understanding various emotions, appropriate hygiene and self care, and most importantly, God's Word.


The Ki-Teens

The Ki-teen group is tailored towards young ladies in middle school. The name Ki-teen is inspired by "kitten heels." Kitten heels were introduced in the late 1950s for young adolescent teen girls as fashion attire. Some people refer to these as "trainer heels." Kitten heels are stiletto heels that are from 1.25- 2 inches in height. This group's focus will be teaching confidence, encouraging positive self-talk, self-care, and most pivotal, God's word.

The Hi-Heels

The Hi-heel group is structured for young women in high school. The name Hi-heel is derived from high heels. Wearing heels but wrapped in confidence. High heels are meant to make the woman who wore them not only tall but noticeable, rare, and regal almost. Although we teach them how to walk in heels, the heart of Heels & Confidence is to allow women to have that same self-confidence with or without heels. Their persona itself would take the place of the heels. This group's focus will be teaching confidence, how to walk, and look with confidence, embodying the right self-image, self-love, that will be taught through the Word of God.

Classic Pumps

The Stilettos

 The Stiletto group is aimed at women. Stilettoes are a type of high heel with the difference being they are "sky-high", slenderer, has incredible strength, and has a height up 8 to 9 inches. Roger Vivier, a shoe designer who worked for Dior, takes credit. Heels are a symbol of confidence, made to make the wearer stand out and exude elegance. Heels can also be seen as a way to give women the confidence to conquer any obstacle that comes their way. It is also a reminder that the God that we serve will see them through and take care of their needs. The stiletto group's focus will be taught confidence, embracing adversities, being bold & fearless, edified through the Word of God.

Our 9- Week Program: Programs
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