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A Special Message From Our CEO

Wismine D'Avilar

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What is Heels & Confidence?

Heels & Confidence is a nonprofit faith-based mentorship program that seeks to aid all women, regardless of age, to find their inner beauty and confidently overcome adversity with the Word of God. Heels are a symbol of confidence and are made to make the wearer stand out and exude elegance. In a spiritual sense, heels can also be seen as a way to give women the confidence to conquer any obstacle that comes their way. It is also a reminder that the God we serve will continually see us through and take care of our needs. Heels and Confidence originally started in Whidbey Island, WA, where Wismine D’Avilar helped empower women of all ages by conducting group sessions that focused on achieving self-confidence and self-care tools. At Heels & Confidence, we know that our strength lies not only in the Word of God that we stand by, but also our application of His Word in all that we do.

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Our Mission & Vision


To empower women of all ages and all walks of life to discover their inner beauty and confidently strut through adversity by applying the Word of God.


To Empower women to Elevate each other and Encourage one another.

We are a 501(c)(3) company servicing your community!

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